Not to be another boring about page, there's really not anything interesting. I am a Linux user and run my own server of things. I mainly only put this page up as to serve for an explanation of my username. My name is Jesse and I have a collection of servers I use for web, social, messaging and email. Mostly decentralized stuff to keep up with the fediverse.

Personally I am a lube tech who works at a tire shop changing oil and installing tires. I have my own business performing automotive repair, which you can get more details from here. I fix cars mostly and run Archlinux on everything. From time to time I may do a small bugfix in someone's code but that's rare since I don't really even script myself. I play games on my Nintendo Switch and used to be a big PC gamer but nowadays, I find myself looking for relics to hack on and my latest is a PSVita TV to run my PSP backups on. I'm techie in only the definition. I listen to deathmetal and drink a lot. I carry on southern trends and say “yall” or “ain't” on occasion. I like simple things like my laptop which is a tablet pc with a detachable keyboard or how my wallet is literally a plain card holder, I only have maybe four keys on my keyring.

The history of the username is funny one. The only reason why I keep it and haven't changed it to something more suitable is because of the incident. I used to be Jesse30474 and but made a horrible mistake giving my girlfriend at the time, my password to my email. She locked down my account in anger. Changing all my recovery settings and requesting my account to be purged from the system. At that point I had to come up with a new identity but I didn't have the slightest idea what to call myself. Regretting the access I gave her and the lament of losing all my accounts, I was frustrated. I wish I was not on this planet anymore and the stress gave me a massive headache. I committed internet suicide via proxy. People now don't just give anyone their passwords or account details but I was a young fool in love. Jokingly I thought the cure for such a massive headache would not be some form of acetaminophen but a bullet to the head and my favorite round of choice is the 9mm Luger.

So 9mmtylenol was born. It's kinda hard to say all at once so my friend kitty just calls me “Nine” for short and no, I'm not a member of a subpar metal band where all the bandmates go by stupid numbers. Thanks for reading this dribble and learning a little history about me. I'll probably make this a separate about page other than my general info since this is a long rant and a summary of who I am.