Ain't Nothing Fair

I can't believe that I could get attached to a cat more than anything. Be it's daddy, and care for it. I love that part.

TL;DR my cat died

The part that sucks is that he gets hit by a car, curb stomped etc. right outside the house in the road, left there helpless and pieces missing. Going outback and digging a hole at 2am.

Disclaimer, I dislike pets. I would rather not have the trouble of cleaning up defecate or going out of my way to feed them. From a little kitten lost outside in the backyard, needing help. This little demon grew on me when I bottle fed him the first time. My poor Jude, you were the only pet I would ever consider keeping and a awesome cuddle bud. I'll miss you dearly.

Why did you have to go?



Jesse Watson

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