Damn Good Martini

This is what make when I want to relax or unwind from a hard day. I usually make it when I cook steak dinners.

The history of this drink to me is that I wanted something alcoholic but savory at the same time. I always enjoyed requesting one at a restaurant if they served it and I always liked telling them I wanted mine dirty.




Start off with your martini glass. Pour a small amount of Vermouth in the glass and swish it around to coat the inside of it. I got the recommendation for that from a Modern Rogue video. Take your shaker and pour in two jiggers of gin and one jigger of olive juice. You do not want to shake this hard. More or less just lightly move the shaker in a stirring motion. It will dilute less ice and make the drink more punchy (I hate a weak drink). Pour into your prepared martini glass and enjoy. You can garnish if you want but I rarely do that.

drink up

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