I Found a New Hobby

For the past couple of weeks, I have slowly but surely have been aquiring camping gear for an expidition outdoors. I love being online like the next guy but realisticly I can survive with campfire and a shelter.

It's also nice to disconnect and leave the sysadmin and socials alone. I have two setups I'm putting together and slowly learning what's beneficial and detrimental to a trip outdoors.

The first setup is a large tent meant for 6 people but realistically it's for 2 to sleep comfortably with a queen size bed. It's an instant tent that takes seconds to put up.


This one will be for a friend to go with and will include chairs, cooking equipment, power solutions and premium sleeping arrangments like an air matress. More than likely it'll be a campground setting where town is still just around the corner and food or bathroom essentials can still be bought.

My second setup is my favorite. It's going to be backpacker oriented camping and all the gear will fit in one bag. This will include the tent, sleeping bag, micro stove, etc. I have some of that equipment already and it's not a lot you need to sleep comfortably with the bare essentials. My next decision is if I'll be close to my truck or have to leave it far away from my campsite in a hiking aspect. In that sense I can still cook with propane from my truck bed and use my vehicle as a charger for my electronics ie: phone, vape.

It's really got me hyped to do something other than sit at home on my days off, which I have a lot of now concerning my new job and I can make it a routine to be outside, cook, drink and enjoy myself by myself in a setting I am confortable with.

Jesse Watson

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