I have a few keys for privacy and signing. If you're one of those that

mocking spongebob

I keep those here and you can see if I am who I really am.

OEMEO Fingerprints:

Gajim on my Latop

72560009 43032B81 6D83B330 9181ADBA 
48DD61B2 8F34D080 032153B7 0011EE49

Pix-Art on my Phone

37B3C671 BB578E1A F49F4E1B 1C67E807  
6EF33B7D 978BB07E CF712D50 56CCB410

GPG Public Key Fingerprint:

Code I may sign on my Gitea repo

8D89 E6E1 3ADA B7BD 6A6B 29A5 93F3 77A2 C5D0 1FCE

Email Certificate: