New Virus Old News

So what's the fuss about some virus? Is it really a form of the plague or is it just a strain of something we're not used to, like every flu ever. I'm actually amazed that this pandemic is causing such a stir, the swine flu and other's were in the news momentarily but passed eventually and it wasn't common place. Now, they are closing schools, daycare centers and oddly enough, not workplaces. So all the active members of society get to call in to watch their kids and not make money at the same time, win-win right?

I think social distancing is a good idea but in the sense that you're not making close contact with others around you. I still have to go to work but I'm not hugging or grabbing hands during this epidemic. I know what not to do and I feel it is important that parents should explain the same to their kids. I work with customers' vehicles all day and I know when to glove up and lysol the shit out of their cars. When someone touches the door handle to walk in somewhere, I've got disinfecting wipes. There's no reason to make everyone stay home if we're not sick.

I think it's a stupid decision by presidential order to call for such a decree. We should be checking others on the way in to work/school with thermometers and signs of symptoms before we call it quits for 2-3 weeks of no contact. Hell people are still going out and about their days from what I see. They're buying all the toilet paper but not bunkering down long enough to use it. So what's the point?

Another point I like to make out on the past sentence is the fact of the scared spending idiots people make while they're in a “crisis.” It's so stupid to buy things like toilet paper and of all things fucking baby wipes in such large quantities. There was a story online where it explained that someone bought so much bathroom tissue to last them almost 20 years. This is why normal people can't get any. I still have to go out in public since there's not a lock-down at work and the store only got one pallet of paper goods one day and the other retailers in town in the surrounding area didn't get anything. If I am to shit at home, I have to steal some of the toilet paper from work.

I'm not even going to discus the origin of the virus, the evil scientists that formulated an age targeted disease to wipe out the masses. Complete bullshit, I'm not really skeptical but this is on the deep-end of “you're so fucking stupid, stop talking.”

The facts that stand on the issue are as follows:

  1. It's a virus with no vaccine at the moment.
  2. If you're young and healthy, you will get a cold and in two weeks you're fine.
  3. If you're old and have pulmonary complications, go to the doctor if you don't feel well.
  4. If you get sick, you will get better and your immune system will be programmed to not react to this strain anymore.
  5. Wash your filthy hands and for God's sake don't touch your face.

Not to mention the literal thousands of people who don't get vaccines for diseases and infections that we can combat currently. If you're that individual who doesn't get their flu shot, then you have no right to buy all the shit tickets and food that us who understand the situation need. My kids can't get half their food they need because you monsters buy all the fucking bread, cheese, milk, eggs, ground beef and can goods. We are on a government assistance program and can only get certain items. We're literally scared that we might, even for a short moment, go hungry.

I'm done ranting for now but I honestly believe this has really gotten out of hand.

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