After many rigorous attempts to keep my server online and happy and the many trials and tribulations that life keeps handing me. I can now happily say that I'm back online and ready to regain my throne of my corner of the internet.

Work sucks

That's pretty much it. I work full-time as a lube tech at my local mega-mart where you can get your oil changed as you shop. I hate it. I spend many evenings there taking care of customers and working my fingers to the bone whereas other normal folk get off around 5 o'clock and get the rest of the day to themselves. I, on the other hand, am still working; probably installing tires on vehicles as I watch the customers I envy walk on into the store as I am enslaved to service their vehicles.

It's really not a bad job at it's core but the horrible hours, the corporation that runs it, the politics behind it and the lack of a better word stupid fucking managers make it unbearable. My history is of a automotive service technician, I run a side business where I repair vehicles for a set rate and bring home a pretty good chunk of change. I would do that full time but my business isn't guaranteed, so I idle by at what I'm doing and suffer until somethings better comes along.

Life at home

This itself isn't a gripe. I love what I have at home but it took some adjustments. I am now happily in love with my girlfriend who has four kids. So yeah, time isn't the commodity it used to be. It's still taking adjustments and I'm closer to the ideal domestic environment but I'm working with what I have. I do have some of the most lovable gremlins children, to which the oldest can actually play video games with me on the Switch and beat me in Smash: Ultimate. So I'm not complaining. Even as I'm writing this, I had to stop what I'm doing to help my beloved with her broke down car.


I'm not one to have their own agenda, I usually work around others so everyone's satisfied, one of those belongs to my father who is in his later years, getting harder to care for his health and happiness. I love him with ever fiber of my being. I absolutely owe him for making me in the man I am today. So when he was diagnosed with advanced emphysema, I had to drop everything to help him and see what sort of care plan he needed. In short Daddy comes first.

That's it

I'm not going to drone on but when someone says, “Hey, you need to update your server.” or “Hey your dns isn't resolving, you probably didn't renew your domain.” I'm probably dealing with life and will get back to it. So deal with the 404's until then. Those who need to reach me can do either email me@9mmtylenol.me or xmpp me@9mmtylenol.me or on mastodon at @me@mstdn.9mmtylenol.me.


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